Sheelah was born in Omaha Nebraska and shortly after she and her loving family moved to Troutdale Oregon. Being raised in mountainous Troutdale Oregon, where the grass is green and the air, pure Sheelah grasped onto independence and freedom. At a very young age Sheelah became an inspiration to those both young and old. Sheelah graduated from Columbia High and went onto UCLA with a career in the multi-media industry where she started her first company, Global Media, in 1989.

While Sheelah has two beautiful children, both pursuing careers in the medical field, she has always had a truly deep fondness and compassion for all children. Sheelah founded Payson Youth Organization in 1998 that has since gone on to become one the largest not for profit youth groups funding the less fortunate children that otherwise would not be able to participate in sports. Sheelah not only has love for children but also for her community. Sheelah became a certified wild-land firefighter and volunteered on the department for four years before becoming chairman elect for the entire district. At the end of her term as chairman of the board of the Gila County Fire District she was appointed by the Governor, Jan Brewer, as one of only two public members of the state to the Naturopathic Medical Board of Examiners.

Sheelah is a very dedicated family women and has always been very close with her mother and father. At the first onset of her fathers illness Sheelah sought out natural means of medication. Sheelah started studying the medical effects of cannabis in 2010 and began working with scientists in Germany in New Zealand . Sheelah now mentors across the country and has reached out to nearly 6000 patients with ailments ranging from sever and chronic pain to cancer and epilepsy. Sheelah has witnessed first hand the many health benefits of medicinal marijuana and has the compassion, faith, and knowledge to execute a safe and productive model to move forward in the medical marijuana field.


Tanya has been helping patients for the last 5 years obtaining their Medical Marijuana Card in the state of Arizona. She helps the patients through their application process, educates them on the CBD and THC properties that will help their ailment.  She really enjoys seeing the results the patients have after they have been educated and are using Cannabis for their medical needs.

Proud mother of three boys and three step sons, she is very busy. In her free time she likes to go places with her family and see new things, go on motorcycle rides and BBQ with friends.


Southern Nevada

Renee is a serial entrepreneur that has many years of experience in training, coaching, service, and team building.  Born in Glendale, Ca. and graduated from Hollywood High.  She lived in California her first 20 years and the last 30 years in Vegas.  Renee has been in Direct Selling Industry for the last 40 years. Helping women in many ways. Renee's interests have always been in spiritual and holistic living. A positive attitude is the healthiest tool we each can master in our daily lives. The difference can help with our healing and our relationships.  Mother to many and grandma to 3 boys in Phoenix.  

Renee currently resides in Las Vegas with her 3 Fur Babies.  Renee's dedication and passion has always revolved around assisting in the process of changing lives. She is so excited to help others through Trew Balance, the product and education can provide to so many that will be helped.

East Coast Trew Balance Team

Philadelphia, PA

We are three sisters, born and raised in Philadelphia, with a diverse background committed to natural healing our motto is “Healing With Plants, Not Pills.”


Bernadette has been dedicated to the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for 35 yrs, helping individuals assisting them by providing benefits to the citizens of Philadelphia to better their lives and becoming self sufficient. In addition, to educating others on the benefits of CBDs. We have been instrumental in getting the NEW Trew Pets out into the public and educating the community about CBDs and helping our furry friends live a better quality of life.


Gloria has an artistic background and worked in hospitals for 30+ years and has been dealing with the public through various specialty services. She is a licensed Massage Therapist and believes in naturopathic healing and continues to educate the community on the benefits of CBDs.


Veronica served on the Philadelphia Police Department, after 20yrs she has retired and is no stranger to helping and dealing with the public. She has also been an entrepreneur for 20+ yrs and direct selling helping women become successful. She has a passion for helping others, and she is the mom to two beautiful Boxers Halo 9yrs old and Thour 8yrs old and is deeply passionate about helping other fur babies with minor to severe diagnosis. She is an avid member of Boxer Rescues and the FOP. In addition to being a mother of two grown children and two beautiful grandchildren.