Lynn's Story

Wound care patient after JUST 24 hours and ONE application!!!

“Hi Sheelah, I wanted to show you a 24 hour photo difference. The 1st photo is of last night before putting the CBD Tar on the wound, 2 drops on top and 2 drops on the bottom.

After doctor's appointment:

“Hi ladies it was wound Dr. Day and they were so shocked at the healing process. All the doctor kept saying was “Wow! All the measurements are amazing.” They said last week you could put 3 fingers inside the wound and was about 5 inches deep. And today only 1 finger and 2.5 inches deep.”


Left: Wound before Trew Balance / Middle: After one application / Right: After one week


Ethan's Story

This is Ethan. Ethan was born with a rare gene mutation causing severe seizures. From the moment Ethan was born, he has needed to be closely monitored and overly medicated. Modern medicine has made it so Ethan could survive in a sedated state. Ethan's mother could not stand to see her baby this way so she looked to alternative medicine. This is where our paths crossed.

Ethan's mother found out about Trew Balance through a friend and the connection was made. After speaking with Ethan's mother we decided we would work together to get her baby home, where he belongs. After the first dose Ethan showed signs of improvement. With continued use his seizures have become less frequent and much more mild. Recently, Ethan was released from the hospital for the first time since birth. The battle is ongoing but nature knows how to nurture.

His mom had the following to say:

Thank you a thousand times over for everything! For saving my son's life! Getting things lined up for discharge.  Have a blessed night you Angel on Earth.

Dan's Story

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April this year, 2015.  After much research, I was guided to Trew Balance for treatment with cannabis.  After meeting with the doctor, Sheelah created the formula for my treatment dosage.  I began taking my cannabis tincture on June 6th.  At that time my pain level in the prostate area was quite intense.  On a scale of 1 to 10, most days it was about an eight.  


 After 10 days of administering the Trew Balance formula the pain in my crotch was gone.

Twenty days after starting treatment I started noticing that the moles I have on my arms are starting to soften, dry up, and fall off.  I have had these "moles" as long as I can remember.  In fact, I have them all over my body, including my face.  About six years ago I went through outpatient surgery to have a large one removed from my face because it was "cancerous".  I have also noticed that the other moles on my face are softer, without the hard carapace, and they are shrinking.  Pretty cool side effect!

I also have high blood pressure, congestive heart failure (heart attack in 2012), and was recently diagnosed with COPD, chronic bronchitis, and sleep apnea.  After 40 days of treatment I am down to taking one blood pressure medication instead of 2, and that dosage has been cut in half; I sleep without snoring and off of the oxygen concentrator.  I can't wait to see what other healthy side effects I get to experience!


Kim's Story


I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis, so bad that I was unable to straighten my hands and bend my wrists for 6+ months. I was telling Kelly about the pain I was in and all the drugs my doctor was putting me on, she then gave me a sample of Trew Derm and said tried this. Holy hell not even 30 minutes later was I able to straighten out my hand!! After applying the Trew Derm for 3 days I could then bend my wrist too; I thought to myself, if this Trew Derm is working this quickly effectively as a topical, I could only imagine what the Five Golden Rings would do.  I know take Five Golden Rings and Trew Derm and my rheumatoid arthritis is under control along with I have gotten off all of my diabetes medicine as well.  Trew Balance is a miracle medicine and I am so lucky to have found a healthy alternative to heal me.

Kim Y


Jenny's Story


My name is Jenny, I am a long time sufferer of Psoriasis and have tried every “cure” you can imagine and it has never helped my skin. In February 2016 I was in contact with Sheelah at Trew Balance and she formulated me my very own bottle of CBD Tinctures. After using my Proprietary Formulation only 2 times I could already see my skin clearing up! I am in disbelief to see my skin cleared up and like other people’s skin.

Thank You Trew Balance for curing my skin!

Sophia's Story


Hope all is wonderful in your world!! We can not thank you enough for donating the oil to Harley!! It came yesterday and I gave him a dose immediately after UPS dropped it off. Your the BEST! Here are a few true testimonials of a few human patients and fur babies that have recently added Trew Balance CBD oil into their daily routine and all have only seen and felt improvements. This oil is amazing and I am forever grateful to Veronica for reaching out to me after reading Harley's story that I posted on Facebook. You both have been amazing to work with, and most importantly accessible when we have questions or concerns...that makes a huge difference in my opinion.

Thank You For All You Do,

Sophia P