Ethan's Story

This is Ethan. Ethan was born with a rare gene mutation causing severe seizures. From the moment Ethan was born, he has needed to be closely monitored and overly medicated. Modern medicine has made it so Ethan could survive in a sedated state. Ethan's mother could not stand to see her baby this way so she looked to alternative medicine. This is where our paths crossed.

Ethan's mother found out about Trew Balance through a friend and the connection was made. After speaking with Ethan's mother we decided we would work together to get her baby home, where he belongs. After the first dose Ethan showed signs of improvement. With continued use his seizures have become less frequent and much more mild. Recently, Ethan was released from the hospital for the first time since birth. The battle is ongoing but nature knows how to nurture.

His mom had the following to say:

Thank you a thousand times over for everything! For saving my son's life! Getting things lined up for discharge.  Have a blessed night you Angel on Earth.