Kim's Story


I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis, so bad that I was unable to straighten my hands and bend my wrists for 6+ months. I was telling Kelly about the pain I was in and all the drugs my doctor was putting me on, she then gave me a sample of Trew Derm and said tried this. Holy hell not even 30 minutes later was I able to straighten out my hand!! After applying the Trew Derm for 3 days I could then bend my wrist too; I thought to myself, if this Trew Derm is working this quickly effectively as a topical, I could only imagine what the Five Golden Rings would do.  I know take Five Golden Rings and Trew Derm and my rheumatoid arthritis is under control along with I have gotten off all of my diabetes medicine as well.  Trew Balance is a miracle medicine and I am so lucky to have found a healthy alternative to heal me.

Kim Y